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Print and Ink Removal | Reduce cleaning time for more profitable printing

Build-up of ink and grease on printing machinery can cause alignment problems and high scrap rates. In addition, clogging of vent slots and material buildup on other components can result in reduced print speed. Often, traditional cleaning methods to remove this build-up, such as scraping and wiping with chemical solvents, are delayed as long as possible to avoid lengthy production downtime. Excel's process allows safe and effective online cleaning in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.


• Non-abrasive process

• Decreased scrap

• No secondary waste

• Reduce down time

• Reduce labor costs

• Clean machinery in-place

• Environmentally responsible

• Reduce overall cleaning time up to 80%

Join industry leaders already benefiting from dry ice cleaning.


Drum, Gravure Press, Ink Tray, Letterpress, Side Wall, Feeder/Delivery Unit, Flexography, Gear and Deck Guide, Gripper / Roller

Let us help you get your equipment back to operational standards with minimal down time! Get in touch and schedule your free consultation.

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